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Langres | Haute-Marne | France

Langres and region

The ancient Gallic city of Langres is ideally located at the crossroads of former Roman roads and has been a fortified town since 20BC. From this noble past we can still admire the castle, the Gallic Roman gate as well as numerous remains that have been preserved in local museums.

Its walls built at the time of Vauban make it a jewel of military heritage, currently being registered as a Unesco world heritage site and listed alongside 120 French towns as having Art and History interest. From the top of the majestic ramparts, the longest in Europe, you can see Mont Blanc on a clear day along with centuries of history.

With a rich and glorious past, Langres is firmly rooted in its past with many forms of entertainment for tourists. With an exceptionally strong community, the area vibrates to the rhythm of famous European festivals every year such as Tintamars and the Chien à Plumes or even the summer festival run by the Hallebardiers.

Lovers of nature will not be disappointed either. The quality of Langres' natural heritage has led to it being a part of France's 11th natural park since 2009. Key highlights: four richly developed lakes and 38 walking trails.

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